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Submit a Property

To submit a property for listing on Rig Monkey, please fill out the form below.  Once you submit a property for listing, it will be subject to approval before becoming active on the Rig Monkey site.  If you have any questions/problems when using this form, please use the “Contact Us” form at the top of the page.


When submitting a property, please note the following:

– The site must be located in Clearfield County

– The site must be commercial or industrial

– In the interest of keeping as up-to-date as possible, please notify us immediately if your property becomes unavailable. 


If this is your first submission request using this form, you will be prompted to create an account after submitting your property for listing. Creating an account will make it easy to submit additional properties in the future.


(Fields marked with an * are required)

  • Please enter a unique name for the property you are submitting.
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    Must be a recognized 911 address.
  • How much office space is available?
  • Is the building sub-dividable?
  • Enter the contact person for this property.
  • Enter the telephone number of the contact person.
  • Enter the fax number for the contact person.
  • Enter a description of the property.
  • Upload Image
    No more than 5 image(s). Click image to delete it.
Note: If you forget your password, please use the contact form at the top of the page.

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